Tulsa OK eBay Consignment

eBay Store in Tulsa Oklahoma.

We are a verified eBay Store for selling your items in Tulsa.

  1. We handle each step of the selling process. We photograph your items, write a description, and create a professional listing on eBay.

  2. We handle all of the bidder correspondence, so all you have to do is sit back and wait for your items to sell.

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  1. We have several convenient drop-off locations in the Tulsa area for you to drop off your items, plus we have pick-up service available.

  2. Once your item sells, we professionally pack it, and carefully prepare it for shipping, all without upfront fees attached.

  1. Depending on the type of eBay Store and how quickly the item needs to be delivered, we will customize the shipping solution to fit your needs.

  2. After the item ships, we will provide you with tracking information to ensure your item arrives.

  1. Tulsa Listing Service is the easy way to sell your items for the most amount of money without having to deal with photos, shipping, and payment issues.

  2. Once your item sells, you get paid directly from Tulsa Listing Service.

Why Use Tulsa eBay Service Instead of Selling Yourself?

  1. We have been an eBay Power Seller since 2003.

  2. We have 99.9% positive eBay feedback.

  3. We are an ID Verified eBay seller.

  1. We have over 10,000 eBay transactions.

  2. We do not require upfront fees.

  3. We have pick-up service available.